Monday, August 4, 2008

Thing #23

WoooHooo! It was a looooooooooooooooooooong process! I feel that I have learned quite a bit through this process. Talk about perseverance! In the future I may use the following in the classroom:
  • Blogs
  • Sites tagged in
  • Photo Story
  • A Wiki
  • Teacher Tube
  • Using pictures to create IDs, cubes, etc....
  • Having students create magazine covers, book covers, etc....

In the future I may use the following in my personal life:

  • A Wiki
  • Photo Story
  • You Tube
  • Last. fm

I feel that Library 2.0 helped me realize the way of the future. The video I watched where college students expressed the regularity of them using technology made me "wake up." It motivated me to complete this project.

In the future I would do this again IF there were less Things grouped together. It seemed that many people did not complete this project because of the TRUE time you had to dedicate--especially if you had little background in the areas presented.

Thank you for this opportunity

Thing #21

Here is my brief Photo Story with pictures of my lovey, Mr. Boo. I was glad to have the opportunity to learn Photo Story. One of my friends made some CDs with Photo Story, and I just loved the idea! I plan to use this in my classroom. I hope to place them on my Wiki. I hope that it is possible!

Thing #22

I viewed two of the Ning websites. I mostly looked at the one for teachers, because I am a teacher. By joining this site, I could comment to other teachers on certain topics. Teachers could comment about their day to other teacher who understand what it is like in the classroom. Personally I would not be interested in Nings. I have other teachers to talk to. Much of what I viewed seemed to be complaints. I am not a complainer.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thing #20

Thank goodness!! I have spent HOURS trying to be successful!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Thing #20

I hope that this works! At this moment the video is still uploading. I tried to do this twice. I ended up converting it to Zamzar. I found the video on Teacher Tube. I liked Teacher Tube better that I expected. I continued to look at YouTube. I actually played the video that the media has been talking about--the lion reuniting after a year with its previous owners. It's pretty neat.

Thing #18

I read much about Open Office, but I could not access it. I tried to download it so I could view it, but I was unsuccessful. It took hours to download and now I have about 25 icons on my laptop--I don't know what I did!
I looked at Google Docs again. I tried to place a document on my blog, but I couldn't. Can anyone help me with this? I would love to learn!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thing #19

I looked at Zango briefly because games sounded fun. I looked at screen savers and the variety of games. I will look more into it in the future. It looks like a good site that will take my mind off of stressful situations.

I looked at Last for quite a long time. I thought it was great to have the opportunity to listen to music, categorize it, and see videos for free. I created my library which took a long time. This will be great for the classroom. I absolutely love music and promote the love of it in the classroom. My students know when they are to work independently--usually the music is running which is usually without words or with words that are inspirational. It is great that I will have a large variety of songs to choose from! I am behind the times with this--no IPod :).